Site Info

I made this site in response to the ongoing Monero network attacks, the need for additional nodes to strengthen the network, and the demand of having non-technical community members be able to contribute in a meaningful way. It is open source. I hope other community members with some technical ability and potentially those offering premium services will be able to set this up on their own and improve upon it.

Launch Info

  1. The URLs generated will not be linked anywhere for you so please bookmark or save the operation ID
  2. Any XMR sent to the address below will be used to power your node.
  3. Funds are paid out to the site operator every few hours using current market prices.
  4. Prices are determined using the CoinGecko crypto market API.
  5. If no more funds are left the node will be destroyed.
  6. I will leave the operation available to refill for a few days.
  7. You need to send at least ~0.0968 XMR to launch the node (this fluctuates).

Pricing Details

Review the pricing details below to better understand how the XMR will be spent.


Compute Cost (hour): $0.022

Storage Cost (hour): $0.022

Management Cost (hour): $0.006

Total Cost USD (hour): $0.05

Total Cost XMR (hour): 0.0003 XMR


Node Image: ubuntu-20-04-x64

Node Size: s-2vcpu-2gb

Volume Size: 150 GiB

Current XMR Price: $173.49

Timeframe Compute Storage Maintenance Total XMR Needed
2 weeks $7.392 $7.392 $2.016 $16.8 0.0968 XMR
1 month $16.06 $16.06 $4.38 $36.5 0.2104 XMR
6 months $96.36 $96.36 $26.28 $219.0 1.2623 XMR
1 year $192.72 $192.72 $52.56 $438.0 2.5246 XMR

These prices will fluctuate with the market price of XMR.

Donation Info

Donations will help me ramp up operations and scale out to more nodes since the pricing is mostly break-even (except for small maintenance fee).

XMR Address: 8A7wVBPiniuUvtssy7efWAgg6fiUAsgikhLDsyJ14YoxFCLasQBsctfTzfkNPdJXhCb2kyZc6kvugaNX2uX4gzvFM7bUWkB